Dear 8th grade students,

Acá podrán encontrar el material necesario para reforzar sus contenidos, actividades que se irán creando y mucho más. Let's practice!



Dear students,

En ésta actividad encontrarás 2 videos explicativos y ejemplificativos referente a lo que són los adverbios de frecuencia, cualés tipos existen y como éstos se posicionan dependiendo de los verbos existentes en la oración. Registrar toda la información de los videos en sus cuadernos y luego realizar la actividad.

Let´s practice!

Adverbs of frequency

Introducción sobre los adverbios de frecuencia y ejemplos de ellos.

Posición de adverbios de frecuencia

Video explica la posición de los adverbios de frecuencia según el verbo TO BE y los demás verbos.


Exercise 1:   Susan is talking about her Saturdays. Put the words in the right order.

E.g.  plays football at school Fiona never: Fiona never plays football at school

1. Get I early on never Saturdays up.                                                                                               

2. At o’clock usually breakfast have I nine.

3. In often go pool I the morning to the

4. Listen afternoon I music to the in sometimes.

5. In television I evening always the watch.

6. At usually midnight bed go I to


Exercise 2: Put the adverbs of frequency in the correct place. Rewrite the sentences.

E.g.  Christian is at school during the week. (always) :

Christian is always at school during the week.


1.- Martha travels by bus.   (always)


2.-Yolanda and Sue are very polite.   (usually)


3.-When it’s raining I drive my car.  (often)


4.- Diana is tired. She is very dynamic.  (rarely)


5.-Lucas doesn’t eat fish. He hates it. (hardly ever)


6.-I don’t watch TV . It’s really boring. (frequently)


7.-We go to the theatre.  (sometimes)


8.-My teacher punishes me.  (occasionally)


9.-Julia buys fashion magazines. (never)


10.- Antonio does his homework at home. (seldom)


11.- Victoria takes her dog for a walk. (always)


Exercise 3: Answer these questions using a frequency adverb. Answer with full sentences.

E.g. How often does your mom tidy your bedroom?  My mom never tidies my bedroom.

1.- How often do you visit your grandparents?  

2.- How often do you sing in the shower?    

3.- How often do you cut your nails?  

4.- How often do you go on a diet?    

6.- How often do you water the plants?     

7.- How often does your dad drive his car?  

8.- How often do you tell lies?