Dear 7th grade students,

Acá podrán encontrar el material necesario para reforzar sus contenidos, actividades que se irán creando y mucho más. Let's practice!

Could and Couldn't


Dear students,

En la unidad anterior aprendieron que el verbo modal CAN= present abilities. Cada vez que hablamos de habilidades que poseemos en el presente utilizamos CAN+ VERBO INFINITIVO

E.g.  She can run very fast = She has the ability to run fast in the present.

Por otro lado, cuando no poseemos habilidad nos referimos a la forma negativa de can= CAN'T.


E.g. She can't run very fast = She doesn't have the ability to run fast.

Cuando hablamos de PAST ABILITIES nos referimos a COULD (habilidades pasadas).


E.g. She could run very fast = She had the ability to run fast in the past.

Por otro lado, cuando no tuvimos la habilidad en el pasado nos referimos a COULDN'T.


E.g. She couldn't run very fast = She didn't have the ability to run fast in the past.

A continuación, observarán un video hasta el minuto 6:11 segundos en donde explicarán las diferencias entre CAN y COULD. Registrarán el contenido en sus cuadernos y luego realizarán la actividad.


Recuerden observar hasta 6:11!

Could and Couldn't Activity

Exercise 1: Fill in the gaps with COULD and COULDN'T.

1. When I was young, I ________ play the guitar: it was too difficult for me! 

2. Her grandmother was bilingual: she ________ speak both English and Spanish. 

3. Yesterday, Peter _________do that exercise alone. So, he called me for help. 

4. In 1950, people ________ use mobile phones. 

5. When his mother was young, she _________ skate but she can't do it any longer. 

6. We _______ open the door: it was locked from the inside! 

7. In 1900, people ________watch TV. 

8. Mary's grandfather __________ play chess and he was the best! 

9. In 1945, people_________ play video games. 

10. But they ________play chess! 

11. Peter __________ play tennis last Monday: he had broken his arm! 

12. When Ann was a teenager, she _________watch a horror film: it was too frightening for her! 

13. Last Sunday, we _________take any photos in the museum: it was forbidden. 

14. Mozart _________ play the piano when he was 5. 

Exercise 2 : can, can't, could, couldn't. Put the words in the correct order.


  1. can camel. a ride Jim 

  2. couldn't young. when I drive I was 

  3. can't well. sing very She 

  4. play she was could five. Amy when chess 

  5. make you Can cake? birthday 

  6. Could homework exercises? the they do